Working with clients suffering from chronic degenerative disorders

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This course is directed towards clients suffering from degenerative disorders such as Tremor, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. Students will learn how these types of disorders produce a bewildering variety of startling and sometimes intimidating symptoms. In learning how to work with these patients, massage therapists must remember that their prime objective must always be to "do not harm". Thus, they can be put in the precarious position of deciding whether their work is an appropriate part of someone’s healing process. Great informative course for the licensed massage therapists working in Chiropractic offices, hospitals, nursing homes and their own private practices.

Licensed Massage Therapists, nurses, health care practitioners, and general public. This online course is presented in (1) lecture. This lecture is available for 8 Continuing Education Hours. Upon completion a Certificate will be issued.

Requirement for completion: maximum 7 calendar days from the date the payment Students must complete the course including a online exam within 7 calendar days from the date the payment was submitted. The required online exam received after 7 calendar days will be considered overdue, and will not be accepted for the issuing of the Continuing Education Certificate.

Student must pass an exam to be credited 8 hours for each lecture. Minimum passing grade is 75%. Student will be granted 3 trials to pass the exam. After 3rd unsuccessful attempt, student is required to retake this lecture.

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Continuing Education Hours: 8 hours

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The course is prepared by: Gabrielle Grigore,M.D.