Opening Hours

  • Monday08 AM -- 10 PM
  • Tuesday4 PM -- 10 PM
  • Wednesday08 AM -- 10 PM
  • Thursday10 AM -- 4 PM
  • Friday10 AM -- 4 PM
  • SaturdayCLOSED
  • SundayCLOSED

Grievance Procedure

  • Any student who has a complaint should first approach their classroom instructor. If the instructor, within three school days, achieves no satisfactory resolution then the student should put the complaint in writing addressed to the Director, Dr. Gabriela Grigore, via email at NEIWH will take whatever action necessary to resolve the situation and relay that resolution to the student in writing within ten days from the submission of the complaint by the student.
  • If a student has exhausted the complaint process of the school, and said process was found in favor of the school, the student may then file a complaint with the NH Department of Education, Division of Educator Support and Higher Education, Office of Career School Licensing,
    101 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301
    (603) 271-6443.