With over twenty highly skilled instructors, North Eastern Institute of Whole Health is dedicated to teaching and producing professional Massage Therapists.

Our Staff actively keeps in mind the ideals set forth in the Institute’s philosophies and objectives when working with students. Each instructor’s qualifications are outlined and approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education as follows:

Gabrielle Grigore


Once upon a time, in the realm of holistic health and traditional oriental medicine, Gabrielle Grigore, a former neurosurgeon and visionary healer, embarked on a transformative journey that took her across Europe and beyond. Intrigued by the wisdom of traditional oriental medicine, Gabrielle Grigore ventured to Japan, a land renowned for its ancient healing practices....

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Douglas DuVerger

Vice-President/Academic Director/Treasurer

Mr. DuVerger is responsible for matters relating to student services, admissions, faculty coordination, and he also serves as Treasurer of the Institute. He has worked long hours to bring a school of value and integrity to the massage field. Mr. DuVerger received a business degree with a double major in....

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