Optimal Health as a Massage Therapist:

What you should know about the flu virus, working closely with the public in your Massage Therapy businesses

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Multimedia: Includes video segments from the USGS, National Wildlife Health Center, in Madison Wisconsin and the Western Ecological Research Center in Sacramento ,CA on Avian Influenza: Dr. Leslie Dierauf and Dr. Steve Schwarzbach respectively.

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Learn key facts about the seasonal flu, the cause, common flu symptoms, how it spreads, and what to do if you get sick. Learn about prevention, importance of good hygiene habits, seasonal flu vaccine do.s and don.ts, the contagious period and treatment. In addition, gain a basic understanding of the Avian Influenza, (Bird Flu) especially if you travel worldwide. Why the concern? What is the difference? Why is it so deadly, and how does it spread? Officials fear H5N1 is the most likely one to mutate into a form that humans could contract more easily. The possibility of a worldwide influenza epidemic, a pandemic, and federal recommendations on being prepared and having a plan.
You will be more prepared and knowledgeable about avoiding or contracting these viruses while closely working with the public. Having optimal health will also optimize your businesses.

Licensed Massage Therapists, nurses, health care practitioners, and general public. This online course is presented in (1) lecture. This lecture is available for 9 Continuing Education Hours. Upon completion a Certificate will be issued.

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The course is prepared by: Gabrielle Grigore,M.D.