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Iridology is the study of the iris, or colored part of the eye. Students will learn about the overall appearance of the eye, plus its specific fiber arrangement, pigment details, and more. With these tools, the therapist may analyze, and monitor the health condition of their client. This course will provide any health care practitioner including massage therapists, Reiki therapists, etc. with the basic knowledge of how to use Iridology within scope of their practice.

Licensed Massage Therapists, nurses, health care practitioners, and general public. This online course is presented in (1)lecture. This lecture is available for 9 Continuing Education Hours. Upon completion a Certificate will be issued.

Requirement for completion: maximum 7 calendar days from the date the payment Students must complete the course including a online exam within 7 calendar days from the date the payment was submitted. The required online exam received after 7 calendar days will be considered overdue, and will not be accepted for the issuing of the Continuing Education Certificate.

Student must pass an exam to be credited 9 hours for each lecture. Minimum passing grade is 75%. Student will be granted 3 trials to pass the exam. After 3rd unsuccessful attempt, student is required to retake this lecture.

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Alumni discount does not apply for online courses.
Continuing Education Hours:9 hours

The online student must re-register and re-pay for the course in full if the online student fails to abide by the above enforced policy.

The course is prepared by: Gabrielle Grigore, MD