GRIGORIAN METHOD ® (Method developed by Dr. Grigore, Shiatsu Master)

Length of Course: 54 hours

The Grigorian Method ® developed by Gabrielle Grigore, is an effective, unique body treatment that focuses on the human skeleton. The Method employs a systematic treatment using joint movement and range of motion in combination with pressure points exercised upon a fully-relaxed, passive client. This Method facilitates the release of restrictions and increases the body’s flexibility and resiliency. It is a preventative treatment for inflammatory diseases as well as a useful means of body maintenance and therapeutic recovery.
The Grigorian Method ® treatment forms a bond of trust between client and therapist due to its safe, holistic nature.
The Grigorian Method ® course is taught with an emphasis on exercise and body mechanics so that the therapist will have a greater understanding of body limitations with respect to age, weight, height, predispositions, environmental factors, and lifestyle. Students will learn a step-by-step protocol of technical procedures.
More advanced procedures for the higher level of Grigorian Method® teach the students the application of fruits and vegetables directly on to a person's body, along with their benefits and their effectiveness.The students and their clients explore and experience the extraordinary instant results of the healing power of many health issues of this unique and exotic treatment.