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Hot Stone Massage February 20,2016

Reiki, Level I, Saturday February 13th, 2016

Side-Lying, Upper Torso, Saturday April 30, 2016


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Hot Stone Massage

Saturday February 20, 2016 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hot stone massage is suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage. The heat relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work the muscles without using deep pressure. People also get hot stone massage for a variety of health conditions:

back pain and aches
poor circulation
strees, anxiety and tension

With Melissa Copello, L.M.T.

8 hour workshop
Certificate and 8 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted
Students are to bring: notebook, pen/pencil, a set of clean sheets, a large bath towel, 2 or 3 small hand towels, 1 or 2 large plastic bowls, any oils or lotions you prefer to work with. Students are to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing.

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Reiki, Level I

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan technique used for relaxation, stress and pain reduction that enhances the body’s self-healing. Students will receive four attunements to the Reiki energy and will learn: the history of Reiki; about energy centers (called Chakras); how to scan the body for imbalances; hand positioning for treatments; and how to integrate Reiki with massage. Lots of hands-on time. Upon completion, the students will be able to give a one-hour Reiki treatment to themselves, others, pets, and plants, or enhance massage or other somatic techniques with Reiki. A Reiki Level I Practitioner Certificate is awarded to each student upon completion of the course.

10 attendees maximum
With Roslyn Reed, L.M.T.
Attendees must bring: Fitted sheets, light blanket, pen and paper, comfortable clothing and lunch.

ATTENTION NEIWH STUDENTS: This workshop is not included in the student tuition! Every student that wish to attend the workshop must pay the fee. Hours count towards the elective hours for the school.


Side-Lying, Upper Torso

Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Having a client that is unable to lie on their abdomen is one of the realities of
massage that comes up on occasion. Sideline massage is a 6-hour program that
will allow you to experience an example of what you can do while your client is
on his/her side, instead of on the stomach or back. Sideline treatment will work
the shoulder girdle to the sacrum in several different techniques. Experience in
class will address the injury aspect of the sideline massage, pregnancy, and
women that do not want to lie on the breast area because of discomfort.

Length of course: 6 hours
Prerequisite: none

With Roslyn Reed, L.M.T.

6 Cont. ED. Hrs. will be granted.
Students are to bring linens, oils, lotion, & a small pillow, pillow case, pen , paper.