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Grigorian Method

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Saturday October 22, 2016

Vital Care for Body Workers November 5, 2016


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Grigorian Method

Monday September 19, 2016 - November 14, 2016 (Including 3 Wednesdays) 2016 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Grigorian Method, created and trademarked by Dr. Gabrielle Grigore, is an effective, unique body treatment that focuses on the human skeleton. The Method employs a systematic treatment using joint movement and range of motion in combination with pressure points exercised upon a fully-relaxed, passive client. This Method facilitates the release of restrictions and increases the body`s flexibility and resiliency. It is a preventive treatment for inflammatory diseases as well as a useful means of body maintenance and therapeutic recovery.The Grigorian Method treatment forms a bond of trust between clien and therapist due to its safe, holistic nature.

The Grigorian Method course is an introduction to this complex and fascinating technique. Students will be taught the most basic applications with an emphasis on exercise and body mechanics so that the therapist will have a greater understanding of body limitations with respect to age, weight, height, predispositions, environmental factors and lifestyle. Students will learn a step by step protocol of these basic technical procedures.

This course will be instructed by Dr. Gabrielle Grigore and Roslyn Reed, L.M.T.

Alumni of NEIWH have the opportunity to retake the course on a discounted price.

54 hour course
Deposit of $500 required by September 15, 2016
Certificate and 54 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted, valid for National Certification


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Saturday October 22, 2016 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Until recently, the lymphatic system has been a relative mystery in modern medicine. There has been more and more research conducted on the lymphatic system, which has changed how this magnificent system is viewed, treated and manipulated. While in massage school, we learned a lymphatic technique; quick light strokes or even dry brushing, which had great results pretty instantaneously.
In this class we will learn manual lymphatic drainage where by as a massage therapist we can manually assist a sluggish lymphatic system remove fluid from limbs, areas where there was some trauma like lymph node removal, surgery or an injury. With this class you will be knowledgeable enough to support the lymphatic system through manual work aiding in the healing of many disorders. We will learn the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, conditions that affect this system and how to manually manipulate fluid from congested areas. If you have taken my course in the past I invite you to take this class again there has been so much research and so much more information available which makes this technique more effective.

With Susan Page, L.M.T.

Prerequisite(s): A & P

Length of course: 8 hours
Deposit of $50 required by October 8,2016
Certificate and 8 Cont. Ed. Hrs. will be granted.
Students are to wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring notebook, pen & linens.

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Vital Care for the Body Worker

November 5, 2016, Saturday 9am-3pm

This class is for any Body Worker who desires to have some easy to follow necessary guidelines for getting through the giving/healing career and staying vibrant for years ahead. Many interesting and exciting topics will be covered that a Body Worker can relate to: Self help relaxation/restoration techniques that can be incorporated in to your every day hectic routine. To be effective and stay healthy with vibrant energy for many years ahead this class is for you. Some areas of discussion and active demonstration:

  • Ear Candeling
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Shiatsu with ease
  • Relaxation Techinques with breathing techniques
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • How to avoid the adrenal burnout
  • Areas of the body that are essential to maintain for optimum health professional and personally
  • Keeping on track with your profession and personal goals
  • Handout notes will be given out in class

Instructor: Karla Bradis, LMT, BCTMB

6 hour workshop

Deposit of $100 by check payable to NEIWH is required by October 21, 2016.
Certificate and 6 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted, valid for National Certification
Students are to bring:lotion/oil and one set up sheets.

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