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Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage, Saturday, April 30, 2016

Holistic Fundamentals of Foot Reflexology, May 20th&21st, 2016

Side-Lying, Upper Torso, Saturday June 4, 2016

More Than Just a Foot Massage, Saturday, June 25, 2016


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Holistic Fundamentals of Foot Reflexology I 12 Continuing Education Hours

Friday 20th & Saturday 21st May ,2016 10am-4pm

Learn and achieve a modality that will be valuable for you professionally and personally for years.

This modality will expand your practice and bring you more business with return clientele.
This is a hands on class that will engage you personally and will heal on a profound level.

Foot Reflexology is an Art like no other modality.

Individual attention will be given to each student.

Registration in advance is preferred by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or calling 603-623-5018 ex.10

You Will learn:
The Art of Foot Reflexology its origin and definition and why it is more important today than ever
Development of Foot Reflexology
What is the connection to our body through our feet
We are walking around on our ailments
What do our foot ailments reveal, posture, genetics indicate?
Charting your feet using a Foot Reflexology Chart
dynamics & connections of organs/systems to your reflex points
how to identify which areas are indications of inflammation with temperature, tissue pressure, color
Each student will:
demonstrate the application of reflexology technique for both general and specific purposes
identify contraindications for reflexology
create a massage routine that incorporates basic reflexology techniques

With Karla Bradis, L.M.T

12 hour workshop

Attend FREE  if you sign up 3 friends to join the class!
Deposit of $100 by check payable to NEIWH is required by May 6, 2016.
Certificate and 12 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted, valid for National Certification
Students are to bring: Bring two hand towels  and one sheet.

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Hot Stone Massage

Saturday February 20, 2016 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hot stone massage is suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage. The heat relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work the muscles without using deep pressure. People also get hot stone massage for a variety of health conditions:

back pain and aches
poor circulation
strees, anxiety and tension

With Melissa Copello, L.M.T.

8 hour workshop
Certificate and 8 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted
Students are to bring: notebook, pen/pencil, a set of clean sheets, a large bath towel, 2 or 3 small hand towels, 1 or 2 large plastic bowls, any oils or lotions you prefer to work with. Students are to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing.

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Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage

Saturday April 30 2016 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

At some point in time you will have that client that comes to you pregnant. Pregnancy is an amazing and hectic time for the mom-to-be and can be an unnerving time for you as a therapist. In this class you will learn about pregnancy from the perspective of mom, what she is feeling physically and emotionally. From the perspective of the baby, how are they developing and finally from the Dad’s perspective emotionally and yes, even physically. Just as important we will learn the role of the massage therapist during the pregnancy and even touch on our role during labor and post partum. We will learn positioning, endangerment sites and draping. We will learn the benefits of pregnancy massage for the whole family.

With Susan Page, L.M.T.

Prerequisite(s): Swedish Massage

8 hour workshop
Deposit of $50 required by April 16 2016.
Certificate and 8 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted.
Students are to bring: a notebook, pen, linens, unscented oil, lotion or cream, pillows (2 standard or king, and/or a body pillow). Students are to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing.

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Pay $50 deposit now online:
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More Than Just a Foot Massage

Saturday June 25, 2016 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

The feet are such an important part of our body; they keep us mobile, connect us to the earth, give us a sense of stability and are a major sign of growing as an individual. Our feet do all of this however, they are one of the most neglected body parts when it comes to massage. We all know that the charkas and energy meridians flow through the feet but did you know the body could detox through the feet? Did you know you could treat a person for back pain, menstrual cramps, migraines and even stomach issues through the feet?

In this class we will review foot anatomy and some foot pathologies one might see in their practice. We will also discuss the body map of the feet, how to massage different areas of the body on the feet to help the whole body feel better. We will talk about adding this into your current routine and add value to your current massage.

With Susan Page, L.M.T.

5 hour workshop
Certificate and 5 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted, valid for National Certification
Students are to bring: Linens, A pillow, Bath towel approximately 8 face towels, your favorite oil and lotion, a notebook and pen. Students are to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing.

Download your Registration Form here(Requires Adobe Reader)


Elder Massage

Elder massage will cover the basic techniques, indications and contraindications for massaging the elderly (65+) common problems among people in this age group and how it can improve their lives and health. in this course you will learn how to massage the elderly safely, including but not limited to circular massage, safe joint movement, arthritis care.  and experience first hand what it is like to work with someone 65 years or older.


Length of course: 8 hours
Prerequisite: none

Deposit of $50 due by April 8h, 2016.

Running: April 16th 2016, 9am-5pm.

8 Cont. ED. Hrs. will be granted.
Students are to bring pen and pencil.

Instructor: Melisa Copello



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