With over thirty-five highly skilled instructors, North Eastern Institute of Whole Health is dedicated to teaching and producing professional Massage Therapists.

Our Staff actively keeps in mind the ideals set forth in the Institute’s philosophies and objectives when working with students. Each instructor’s qualifications are outlined and approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education as follows:

Lecture Courses

B.A./B.S. degree with a major in their course of study or related field, Associate's degree with two or more years of experience, or a suitable combination.

Practical Courses

Must have professional qualifications in area of expertise, advanced education, three years’ experience, license or certification in field of study (only if applicable), and/or a suitable combination.


Sandra Acquaviva, N.C.M.T., L.M.T.

Suzanne Plante, L.M.T.

Matt Beckley, D.C.

Karen Bush, L.M.T.

Lee Chaffee, L.M.T., L.P.N.

Colleen D. Chausse, RN, L.M.T.

Sue Day, Certified Reiki Master

Diana Dow, C.M.T., L.M.T.

Erika Duffy

Linda Ladd Fife, L.M.T., C.D.T.

Carole Freeman, L.M.T.

Kara Hayes,B.A., N.H.D.

Jane E. King

Richard King,N.C.H.

Morgan Llewelyn M.S., L.M.T.

Linda Madore, N.D.

Deborah Monfette, B.A.

John J. Murphy, Jr.,B.A.

Susan Page, L.M.T.

Christopher Penczak

Roslyn Reed, A.S., L.M.T.

Samantha Ross, L.M.T.


Kim Sowles, B.A, L.M.T.

Daven L. Spencer, D.C.

Ernest Caldwell, D.C.